The advanced method


Solving the first two layers at the same time (F2L) is what I'm currently trying to learn. On Jasmine's page, learning F2L is suggested as the intermediate stage, but I found it easier to memorize a couple of extra algorithms compared to understanding how F2L works.

I'm still in the process of trying to either memorize the necessary algorithms or to learn F2L by understanding it. Which ever comes first... I've lately had some success in a combination of memorizing algorithms and actually undertanding F2L.

F2L - cubies together in last layer

These algorithms were copied from here, flipped around, and mirrors added. The algorithms on the same row are mirrors, so if you learn and understand the algorithms, you only need to memorize 6.

I don't recommend blindly going and trying to memorize all the algorithms needed for F2L. There are quite a few. The algorithms listed here are meant as learning aids; once you find yourself in one of the depicted situations, slowly apply the algorithm listed, while trying to understand what's happening when you're doing it. It'll start making sense sooner or later.

There is a page here that tries to explain an intuitive method for learning F2L; I didn't really get it, I had more success with just repeating these algorithms a lot.

f2l till 2

U F' U F
F' U' F

      f2l till 1

U' R U' R'
U R U R'

f2l till 4

R B L U' L' B' R'

      f2l till 3

F' L' B' U B L F

f2l till 8

F' U2 F
U F' U' F

      f2l till 7

R U2 R'
U' R U R'

f2l till 6

U2 R2 U2 R' U' R U' R2

      f2l till 5

U2 F2 U2 F U F' U F2

f2l till 10

U F' U2 F
U' R U R'

      f2l till 9

U' R U2 R'
U F' U' F

f2l till 12

U' F' U F

      f2l till 11

U R U' R'


Last layer

TODO add the 7 missing OLL algorithms for solving LL from any of the "yellow cross ready" states.

Expert method?

One day, when I've learned F2L, I'll look into optimizing the way I solve the last layer, which currently takes way too may steps. That's going to be the "expert" method. It's going to include all 57 OLL algorithms, at least.